Born in the historic city of Abengourou in the east of Côte d’Ivoire, Rebecca Zoro is an Ivorian designer with an incredible destiny. Starting from scratch, she is now a reference in African fashion. Maison Thebe is the realization of a childhood dream. The gleam of her mischievous eyes transformed everything she could get her hands on into couture clothes for her dolls. It could have remained a chimera, but the passion was born, accompanied by a will without limit of Rebecca. She crossed the step in order to take the way of the creation at the age of 25 years. Determined to master each process of design, she left the Ivory Coast to follow a multiple curriculum: The initiation to the profession of sewing starts in the school of sewing Momo Che before then continues in the American Lady Beauty Institute for 2 years. After a first internship at Kora Diop, she completes her training in Morocco and Ghana. All these crucial steps allow her to access the hope she cultivated as a child. Back in Abidjan, intoxicated by the diversity of colors and materials, she created Yhebe design with the desire to become a true messenger of African culture. Between national and international events, she never misses an opportunity to put her talent to work for her community. In turn, she has been the godmother of the “Creative Lab Yop” designers, and of the social mission of Vlisco in Congo. She was also one of the first designers to volunteer during the coronavirus pandemic. International consecration with Beyoncé.