L’Abidjanaise” by Yhebe Design : between ravishing and questioning

“L’Abidjanaise” is the new collection name by Yhebe Design, the young flagship brand of Ivorian Rebecca Zoro. The evidence is that this new release is a surprise, and as the title indicates, there are also some remark or questions that I decided to deliver in this article.

Before I start

Hail to the creativity of Rebecca Zoro, a defector from the stables of Morocco hall, who in a few years has managed to rise to a place of choice on the chessboard of Ivorian fashion.

When we launch into a reading of the success of Yhebe Design with the Abidjanese public, we could note these three points: the quality – of the fabrics, and seams, the DNA or spirit of the brand as well as the accessibility of the creations on the quality-price ratio.

The creator very quickly understood the need to offer the public something beautiful, clean and totally affordable. The proof is in her capes, the flagship pieces of the house and several others from the “L’important c’est la rose” collection that sold like hotcakes.

Yhebe Design DNA

Yhebe Design is the brand that has brought a wave of freshness to the Ivorian fashion world. And the brand’s creations are worn with a vibrant, modern and relaxed spirit. What’s more, they are recognizable at first glance, as would be the case with creations by Gilles Touré or Olivier Rousteing with Balmain, for example.


At the announcement of the new collection of this brand that I closely follow , I was animated by a feeling of impatience; having had some video excerpts and images in “Behind the scenes” of the lookbook. I was only asking for one thing, to see it in full. The pictures finally fell out, and I won’t hide my surprise at what I was discovering… My first impressions on this collection? Rebecca Zoro has taken a direction in which nobody really expected her. And it’s quite radical, in the whole sense of the word. This collection is a real masterpiece, and it was a real delight to me. The designer’s work is to be greeted with a standing ovation. All this world of graphic prints and structured outfits has conquered me, with the shimmering touch of yellow. And the artistic direction of the shooting sublimates the whole…


With the “l’Abidjanese”, once the euphoria was over, I started to really question this DNA that characterized Yhebe Design. There was something that seemed totally foreign, even “maléombhonesque “*. Before the minds get hard on my arguments, I want to make it clear that there is no question of plagiarism accusation, that’s not the purpose of this post although many people have a lot to think about it. On reflection, and with hindsight, I realized that creation has this complex thing that brings inspirations together. Yhebe Design with “L’Abidjanaise” may have bent to the diktat of current trends – like other African designers – with these square, tightly structured cuts, this nostalgic reminiscence borrowed from the sixties. And then there’s the choice of textile materials, a mix of wax and traditional woven loincloth.

Not being a connoisseur of the textile thing, I could not comment on the symbol representing each fabric used. But let’s get to the point: Yhebe Design is in fact making an evolution, following international trends while keeping an Afro inspired label, that’s at least, my feeling towards its latest collection whose name I will remind you again, “The Abidjanese”.

*maléombhonesque: Refering to Loza Maléombho, fashion designer.